Govt limit importation of power insulators

12Aug 2020
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Govt limit importation of power insulators

THE government announced here that it has curtailed importation of power insulators because the products are made locally in large quantities.

The government decision was announced by the Minister for Energy Dr Medard Kalemani after inaugurating the Polymeric Insulator Factory which produces electricity accessories including insulators that link power cables to poles.

“The idea behind making locally these electricity accessories is to reduce importation of these products. It is for this reason I am announcing the government’s decision to limit importation of these products because we want to protect the local industries that have been started to promote the national industrialisation agenda. We have enforced this controls since 2017 to support our government led by President John Magufuli,” the minister explained.

He said the government support the company because production of the products locally enhanced the industrialisation agenda and would create employment for young people, increase the gross domestic product (GDP), adding that the products had a huge local market.

He called the main consumers, Tanzania Electric Company (TANESCO), the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) to join the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) to ensure factories produce quality products that would remain competitive on the free market and protect consumers for buying appalling products.

Strategic consultant of the two sister companies –Inhemeter and Polymeric Insulator—Dr Adelhelm Meru, said industrialisation was important at this juncture because Tanzania had become a middle-income nation that needed a strong economy, further explaining that  companies producing import substitution should be supported by the government and local consumers to achieve that goal and enhance creation of jobs and growth of the national economy. 

He called local importers to urge foreign companies to establish companies in Tanzania.

Polymeric Insulator Company Managing Director, Abraham Rajakili, thanked the government for remaining true to its word, explaining that their company had enjoyed state support all the time.

“We have received great support from the government all the time.  If this kind of support will continue we shall be able to do big things relating to jobs, technology and producing quality products,” he said.

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