Govt on new initiative to increase number of COVID-19 vaccination

16Sep 2021
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Govt on new initiative to increase number of COVID-19 vaccination

THE government has launched an inclusive and fast-tracking community programme aimed at increasing the number of COVID-19 vaccination centres in the country from 550 to 6,000 centres.

Prof Abel Makubi.

Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children want to see the 600,000 COVID-19 vaccines used within 14-days as the government bring the services closer to communities especially those in the remote areas.

Speaking at the launch of the programme yesterday, Permanent Secretary, Prof Abel Makubi instructed the regional and district medical officers from across the country who attended the launching that the programme to equip the community with the correct and accurate information to show up for voluntary covid-19 vaccination.

He said so far almost 350,000 have been vaccinated saying unlike other jabs, the coronavirus is for outbreak diseases thus have special time for dispensing to curb the spread.

“The vaccines is not just a mere one time jab but helps in both short- and long-term effect of the disease and that is why people should go for it more than once within specified time to tame more spreads,” he said.

He said the public have been fed with mixed information about the vaccination so to make them understand the vaccination importance; they must be incorporated and given the accurate knowledge and information to make informed decisions.

Prof Makubi said the public should not be blamed for reluctance to take up the jabs saying health experts must do their assignment well by educating them on the positive impacts of taking the vaccination.

He tasked the regional and district medical officers as well as district executive directors (DED) to mobilise the public to undertake the vaccination within the two weeks to have the remaining stock finished.

Prof Makubi said they must use all awareness method as the government has increased the number of vaccination centres to 6,784 and where some areas are far from the facility then they use the mobile vaccine site to reach the inaccessible areas.

He directed them to include the religious and local government leaders to educate the public and use of local radios in the awareness programme to avail the community with correct information about the vaccine to persuade them to go for the jab.

Prof Makubi said the programme will officially take off on Monday after which they will conduct an evaluation meeting to see if there were challenges and come up with best plans for the future.

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