Govt not satisfied with contractor’s extension request in road project

17Jun 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Govt not satisfied with contractor’s extension request in road project

THE Permanent Secretary in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) Prof Riziki Shemdoe has directed for the in-depth verification of time extension requested by the contractor of tarmac roads in Dodoma city.

The project is so far 70 per cent complete and was supposed to be finalised next month, but the contractor, China Heinan International Cooperation Co. Ltd (CHICO), has requested for time extension of 10 months to finish the work.

Speaking in Dodoma on Tuesday after inspecting the project, Prof Shemdoe said the project was supposed to be completed within 18 months according to the contract agreement that ends July 32, 2o21.

“True, great work has been done for the 89.1bn/- project involving 51.2 kms of roads, but I have instructed the project consultant to verify the 10-month extension request as I do not buy it because it is too long.

“Just too many months, considering that the contractor used 16 months to complete 70 per cent of the work, how can they use 10 months to complete the remaining 30 per cent?” queried Prof Shemdoe.

He said he was directing the Project Consultant to work together with TARURA and the Project Manager to verify the time extension request in order to arrive at the agreeable time for work extension.

He also instructed for the verification to see how the project would be involved in tree planting along the roads as well as the construction of sheds for waiting passengers at bus stops.

He also assured that all the payment invoices submitted by the contractor for the 44bn/- have been paid out.

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