Govt pledges to embrace refugees

22Jun 2022
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Govt pledges to embrace refugees

THE government has said that it will continue embracing voluntary repatriation of refugees as it observes human rights and dignity of the people who are forced to flee their native countries on different reasons.

Liberata Mulamula.

Addressing some United Nations Agencies’ representatives to Tanzania, refugees and regional commissioners from Katavi, Kagera, Tabora and Kigoma where most of the refugees are being hosted, Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, Minister of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation said that the government will not force anyone going back to their countries of origin where their lives will be under threat.

Dr Mulamula issued such statement in Dar es Salaam on Monday evening when she honored the climax of the World Refugee Day celebration held on June 20th every year. This year’s commemoration has been celebrated under the theme ‘whoever, wherever, whenever everyone has the right to seek safety’.

“Tanzania keeps door open for all victims of persecution and it will continue been an icon of African generosity to those who are forced to flee their countries of origin,” said Dr Mulamula.

According to the minister, as at the end of May this year, Tanzania had hosted 257,800 refugees mostly from Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo and Uganda.

“In addressing the challenge of refugees the host communities should not be left behind in development plans. That’s why the government had been working with almost 16 UN Agencies in Kigoma region through the Kigoma Joint Programme to improve livelihood of the host communities through agriculture,” said Dr Mulamula.

Speaking of the KJP programme, Zlatan Milisic, United Nations Resident Coordinator said that the programme had reached almost 24,000 beans and maize farmers in Kigoma region by improving their livelihoods.

The four years programme that started in 2018 coming to an end this month had seen the farmers harvesting over 2,000 tonnes of beans that were sold to the World Food Programme (WFP) earning them over 750bn/-.

Milisic commended Tanzania for being a true hope for refuges and asylum seekers from around the world.

“We are not only celebrating the survival of the refugees but the strength and courage for people who had been forced to flee their homes,” said Milisic.

UNHCR Representative to Tanzania, Mahoua Parums said that not only Africans are hosted at Tanzania’s refugee camps but also Syrian, people from Yemen and other parts of the world.

“Refugees not only take from the host countries but also give through their culture, talents and traditions. The UNHCR is in full support of Tanzania not forcing refugees to go back to their countries where they can’t find peace,” said Parums.

According to her, as of today, UNHCR hosts about 7.5million refugees in Ukraine where more than 500,000 people have been displaced following the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

‘We all have a responsibility of finding mutual solutions to the plight of refugees and at the same time provide them with all rights and deserved dignity,” she added.

Dr Ahamada El Badaoui Mohamed, Ambassador of Comoros and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, said when it comes to safety no one should be left behind pledging that the government of Comoros will always be there to support Tanzania in all issues regarding refugees welfare alongside other economic and social development activities.

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