Govt promises favourable environment to investors

03Jan 2020
The Guardian
Govt promises favourable environment to investors

THE government has said it will continue cooperating with business people, investors and all development stakeholders investing in the country including putting in place friendly environment for them.

This pledge was given here on Wednesday by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (Labour, Youth and Employment) Anthony Mavunde when laying a cornerstone of a petrol station owned by Admire Oil, the oil firm that is conducting business in various regions in the country.

Mavunde said the fifth-phase government of President John Magufuli values investors due to their contribution in employment and increase of GDP.

"I congratulate the firm’s leadership for coming to invest in Dodoma because in doing so it will increase employment opportunities for the youths after taking into consideration that you have already employed 20 Dodoma residents up to now,” said the Deputy Minister.

"We, in the government will continue to encourage other investors to come and invest in this city which is the seat of the government, but also there are other areas that are investors friendly especially for building factories,” he added.

Earlier Admire Oils spokesperson Mohamed Ibrahim thanked the government for its continued cooperation with investors, as it motivates them to make investments in many areas.

"President Magufuli’s government has provided friendly environment for investors especially local investors and we pledge to continue cooperating with our president to realise his dreams in making the country a middle income industrial nation,” Ibrahim said.

"We all know the aim of every businessman is to invest and reap profits, but our firm is among those whose main aim is to offer employment to women and youths,” he added.

He said they have employed many youths, about 150 countrywide and among them many are women so as to assist them economically.

He also said Admire Oil has many branches in various regions but their largest petrol station is in Coast Region. He said other regions include Mwanza, Arusha, Mbeya, Dar es Salaam and Dodoma.

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