Govt provides 18bn/- to complete water projects in Rungwe District

15Jul 2020
The Guardian
Govt provides 18bn/- to complete water projects in Rungwe District

​​​​​​​THE government has provided more than 18bn/- for completion of various water projects in Rungwe District, Mbeya Region to ensure the people have reliable water supply.

Rungwe District Commissioner Julius Chalya.

This was revealed here yesterday by the Rungwe District Commissioner Julius Chalya at a meeting of the district’s water consumers and experts from the Rural Water and Sanitation Authority (RUWASA).

Chalya said as for now the district’s water supply stands at 73 percent and that after all water projects are finalised they will have attained the government’s target of 85 percent in the rural areas.

He said the 18bn/- has been channeled to various areas including Mwakaleli that received 6bn/-, Masoko 5bn/- as well as other areas such as Isyonje, and Ikuti and added that after these projects are completed, the persisting water scarcity would be past history.

The DC also said some water consumers have not been paying their bills while some water was being stolen by unscrupulous people who vandalise the infrastructures thereof making many water projects fail to reach recipients.

He called on RUWASA to deal with these problems.

RUWASA manager for Mbeya Region Mathayo Athumani said any organ that manage water supply services must be registered as such in accordance with the laws and added that the registration exercise has reached 74 percent.

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