Govt reclaims ranches from investors not settling debts

13Jan 2021
The Guardian
Govt reclaims ranches from investors not settling debts

​​​​​​​LIVESTOCK and Fisheries minister Mashimba Ndaki has instructed the National Ranching Company (NARCO) board to reclaim all ranches loaned to private investors who have failed to settle their debts.

The minister gave the directive yesterday in Mbarali District, Mbeya Region speaking to farmers and herders of Usangu valley.

He said the government urges all ranches loaned to investors to pay their debts from January 12 to February 15 at 1.00 pm and that those who will  fail to do so should be reclaimed and loaned to other investors.

Ndaki also banned all farming activities in ranch areas, saying that was against the terms of loan contracts.

Meanwhile, Ndaki assured all investors in various ranches countrywide that the government was planning for them better business environment for them and called on them to continue working hard.

Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Prof Gabriel Ole Sante requested ranch owners to use the areas for livestock only and not for any other businesses.

Some of the farmers in Usangu valley appealed to the government to apportion   them areas for farming, as currently they had to hire the same at high costs.

Ulia Mahenge, a farmer, appealed the government through the Ministry for Livestock and Fisheries to given land and was ready to pay for it. Read More...