Govt reiterates resolve to supervise water projects

03Dec 2017
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Govt reiterates resolve to supervise water projects

DEPUTY Minister for Water and Irrigation Jumaa Aweso has said he will push and supervise the implementation of all planned water projects to achieve the goal of providing safe and clean water to the people.

DEPUTY Minister for Water and Irrigation Jumaa Aweso

He made the remarks recently during his visit to Ruvuma region to inspect implementation of water projects in the districts.

He said his ministry will not be a barrier or obstacle in the implementation of national water projects currently being undertaken in different parts of the country.

‘I would like to assure you that  my  ministry will work day and night to ensure all water projects being implemented in different parts of the country are realised to eliminate water shortage for the people as President John Magufuli has directed,” he said.

“Therefore all funds set for water projects should strictly be used for the intended purpose so that the projects can be complete on time,” he insisted.

He directed district and regional authorities to supervise the projects and give correct information so that national leaders can know the challenges being faced with a view to addressing them.

Aweso applauded SOUWASA for good supervision of water projects as step to reduce water shortage in some parts of the district such as Midizini and Misufini which currently are facing shortage of water.

While on his tour, the deputy minister had a short meeting with Songea Urban Water Sawage(SOUWASA) management and  staff.

Some of the water projects being implemented in Songea Urban district are Luhira dam, Matogoro water treatment plant and water extension network project.

Currently, water services in Songea municipality are estimated to have reached 79 per cent where 10.6 million litres are produced per day while the actual demand stands at 14 million litres.

The ongoing water extension project is expected to increase the amount of water supplied by 90 per cent.

It was reported on September 23, this year, that President John Magufuli was  expected to inaugurate a Sh45 billion water project in Musoma later this year.

The project will produce about 36 million cubic litres of water to benefit more than 140,000 residents of Musoma municipality.

Then deputy minister for water Isack Kamwelwe said the amount would  surpass the actual demand of 24 million cubic metres.

He said the surplus had enabled them to include 21 villages from Musoma District council and Butiama District as beneficiaries.

"Needs of the villages stand at 5 million cubic litres, so this means we have more water which can be put to other uses such as in industries. I ask Tanzanians and non-Tanzanians to come and invest in Musoma as we have a lot of water," he explained.

He said that completion of the project showed the government's desire to ensure better water services to the majority of Tanzanians.

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