Govt to revoke contracts of dilly-dallying contractors

09Jul 2020
The Guardian
Govt to revoke contracts of dilly-dallying contractors

​​​​​​​MINERALS Deputy Minister Subira Mgalu says the government will not hesitate to revoke contract agreement of any contractor who will be dilly-dallying in the implementation of its responsibility by violating contract terms.

Mgalu was speaking on Tuesday with Kenswa Simbo villagers in Katumba Ward, Mpanda District, Katavi Region before switching on electricity for the village after she registered her displeasure over the slow pace of power distribution work by China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group Co Ltd (CRCEBG) tendered to distribute power in Katavi Region.

She said the government has already suspended contract agreement with the contractor who was given tender to distribute in Mwanza Region because it failed to implement its responsibilities according to the contract agreement.

“Work pace of this contractor is not satisfactory, as of now we have decided to suspend contract agreements with contractors who do not perform as per needed speed. Today we shall sit with this contractor and review their work plan and we shall come into agreement for the last time, and if they do not change, we shall revoke the contract and find another contractor,” she said.

She said the government was not ready to be held back in its efforts to distribute power in the country, which it expects by the end of July this year a total of 10,446 villages will have power, hence she called all contractors under rural energy Agency (REA) to work hard to attain the target.

However the Deputy Minister removed fears from Katavi Region residents by saying that in the Second Phase REA III slated to begin in September this year all villages in the region would have electricity.

She said the government has allocated more than 100bn/- for the complimentary project that would see power distributed to all villages’ neighbourhoods and already a contractor has been found and the work is slated to begin next month (August).

Milele District Commissioner Rachel Kasanda said a total of 44 villages have been connected to power in the region, adding that the number is still small compared with the great number of people needing power, and called upon the contractor to increase work pace.

In her tour the Deputy Minister also visited power substation at Kampuni village and called on the contractors to increase work pace.

She also switched on electricity at Tambaza Kenswa Dispensary in Katumba Ward in the Region.