Govt seeking over 740bn/- for Simiyu water project

29Jan 2016
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Govt seeking over 740bn/- for Simiyu water project

The government needs 747.8bn/- to implement a major water project in draught stricken Simiyu Region the Deputy Minister for Water and Irrigation Isack Kamwela told the Parliament yesterday.

Construction in progress

He was responding to a question posed by Special Seats MP Gimbi Masaba (CCM) who pointed out that despite being close to Lake Victoria, Simiyu region suffers dire water shortages.

She also inquired as to what other initiatives are underway to improve water supply in the various districts of Simiyu region like Bariadi, Maswa, Meatu, Itilima and Busega.

“It is unfair that we continue experiencing water shortages while we are only a few miles away from Lake Victoria,” she said.

“Tell us plan what plan the fifth government phase has to ensure we have reliable water supply,” she demanded.

In his response, Deputy Minister Kamwela said a feasibility study of the water project was presented to the ministry in October last year and the project is now at the design stage.

“The government is now seeking funds from different sources, including international organisations and once the funds are available the project will start,” said the deputy minister.

He reassured the House that the fifth government is poised to implement various water projects across the country with a vision to reach 95 per cent of all urban areas and 85 per cent of rural areas over the next five years alone.

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