Govt sets aside 217m/- for construction of Nyamitita dam project

25Jun 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Govt sets aside 217m/- for construction of Nyamitita dam project

MINISTRY of Agriculture has set aside 217m/- for the construction of Nyamitita dam project in Serengeti district, Deputy Minister; Omar Mgumba, told the National Assembly yesterday.

Deputy Minister; Omar Mgumba.


He said in response to a question from Serengeti MP, Marwa Chacha (CCM) who had wanted to know what the government was doing to complete the construction of Mesaga Nyamitita and Bugerera dam projects in the district for irrigation farming.


The deputy minister said the government will continue looking for funds internally to help complete water projects in the country to benefit the public, especially the rural population.

He cited the challenge of compensation of most of the projects, adding that the government had directed the district leadership to solve conflicts.

The deputy minister said the government will work in collaboration with Serengeti district council to complete the project proposal in efforts to seek financials support for its implementation .

He added that the government will look for funds to construct the Mesaga,Nyamitita and Bugerera dam projects.

The government recently stated the commitment to revive all stalled water projects and initiate new schemes to boost water supply to the citizenry.

According to the plan more efforts are made to ensure all projects are sustainably functional, as the target to reach 95 and 85 per cent of urban and rural populations, respectively by 2020.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Kitila Mkumbo said efforts are under way to ensure that defunct projects, which account for about 30 per cent are revived, with new ones built to safeguard water sources, "Or else, come 2020 Tanzania will have many completed projects with limited access to the precious liquid."

The permanent secretary noted that there are many challenges facing Tanzania and Africa in relation to management and water supply but hinted that his ministry is determined to develop and sustainably manage water resources in close collaboration with key stakeholders.