Govt sets aside 934billion/- for construction of roads, bridges

18Oct 2021
Wilhelm Mulinda
The Guardian
Govt sets aside 934billion/- for construction of roads, bridges

THE government has set aside 934bn/- in the 2021/22 financial year for the construction of roads and bridges in different areas in the country through Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA).

Chief government spokesman, Gerson Msigwa.

Chief government spokesman, Gerson Msigwa made the statement yesterday here when issuing a weekly government report.

According to him, the government’s intention is to ensure all areas in the country are passable and reachable throughout the year by having quality infrastructures to stimulate development in the country.

Msigwa said that in this year’s plans, there are 1,345 tenders whereby 1,222 (91 percent) have been floated ready for construction works to start.

“With a big job done across the country, the government has also planned to implement another infrastructure improvement strategy through TARURA that will commence this financial year to 2025/2026,” he said.

He said the government wants to increase tarmac roads from the current 2,405 kilometres to 3,856 kilometres but also increase gravel roads from the current 2,812km to 6,620km.

He stated that the second strategy is meant to bring big reforms on infrastructure whereby villages whose roads are now blocked will be unblocked and keeping transport menace at bay.

“The government’s zeal is to ensure that all roads are passable to enable people transport agro-products easily to reach markets but also facilitate rural dwellers to reach town centres easily when seeking for various social services,” he explained.

According to him, since TARURA started operations in July 2017 to June this year, it has spent approximately 1.3tr/- in its first phase plan to construct roads with a total length of 24,979 kilometers of which 955 are tarmac and the rest are at gravel level.

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