Govt, Stakeholders to organise walk for tourism development 

24Sep 2021
The Guardian
Govt, Stakeholders to organise walk for tourism development 

GOVERNMENT in Mbeya Region, in collaboration with tourism stakeholders from southern highlands regions have organised a special walk aimed at mobilising Tanzanians to visit tourist attractions in the areas.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Juma Homera.

The remarks were made here on Wednesday by Mbeya Regional Commissioner Juma Homera at the launching of Tourism Week during which he said the stakeholders will conduct the walk in the streets of Mbeya City during which they will be mobilising people to visit tourist attractions.

He said the stakeholders will also tour various tourist attractions in Rungwe District where they will put up a one-day camp at Lake Kisiba area.

He said in the are there will be various kinds of entertainment including traditional ngomas, swimming in the Lake and roasting of game meat that will be sent to the area.

“Our region has very many tourist attractions, tourism in natural entities including Lakes Ngosi and Kisiba, Lake Nyasa beaches, hence we invite tourists to visit tese tourist attractions,” RC Homera said.

He said the Tourism Week apex will be on September 27 which is the day set globally for tourist and environment stakeholders will be displaying various items on tourism.

Head of Tourism in the Southern Highlands Zone, Tuli Kulangwa called on Tanzanians to adopt the habit of visiting internal tourist attractions to see various resources the country has been endowed with.

Tuli said in the Zone’s regions there were very many tourist attractions, many of which were not being visited due to little mobilisation.

Some of the stakeholders and organisers of the Week of Tourism in Mbeya Region said have organised various strategies to mobilise tourists to visit the existing attractions.

The Chairman of the Organising Committee, Gabriel Shawa said they plan to send adequate quantities of game meat for people who will be camping at the Lake Kisiba area.

He also said they have arranged special areas for accommodation for those who will want to sleep at the camp and that the cost for the round trip to the area is 20,000/- per person and 40,000/- for those who will decide to stay for the night.

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