Govt, UNCDF launch national guideline for LGA investments

27Sep 2021
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Govt, UNCDF launch national guideline for LGA investments

​​​​​​​THE government in collaboration with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) has launched the national guideline for the preparation of local government authorities (LGA) strategic investments.

Minister of State, President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Ummy Mwalimu.

It is a new manual for LGA‘s project teams that provides a step-by-step technical guidance on how to identify, develop, finance and manage their income generating infrastructure investments.

Speaking while officiating at the launch of the guideline, minister of State, President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Ummy Mwalimu said the document is important to LGAs as the government is set to increase investment at the grassroots.

She said, “This guide is an historic book, and it is very important because it has directly aligned a five- year development plan”. The minister also noted that UNCDF has been doing different investments to support investment in local government authorities.

Mwalimu congratulated and acknowledged UNCDF for their continued support in making sure the guide has reached that stage. She added that investment and innovation is a key to development of any country, thus such efforts towards investments are welcomed.

Head of UNCDF Tanzania, Peter Malika, while speaking at the event stressed his organization’s commitment to continued support to the government in pushing further the development agenda and improving livelihood through increased investments.

He observed that UNCDF has prioritized its support towards attainment of the country’s objectives by working with the government to build national capacities and investing in local development.

“Tanzania has set a target of becoming middle –income country by 2025 and to ensure its implementation we are supporting the government to localize sustainable development by solving the most critical challenges of today” he said.

He added that the guideline launched will pave way for improved number of investment ready projects that will access development capital.

Malika emphasized that UNCDF together with the UN system in Tanzania and the government of Sweden shall continue working with the government to achieve inclusive economic growth.

However, he also noted that it is important for PORALG to strengthen ties with UNCDF through their collaborative approaches towards development.

Malika said, “Would like to assure you of our full support as you embark on launching this document for the benefits of our local authorities and the entire country as whole.”

The launching ceremony of the guideline was preceded by official opening of the PORALG’s working session for the recently appointed local government directors and presided by various leaders from the government ministries and other UN agencies.

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