Govt unveils plans for harvesting of rainwater

16Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Govt unveils plans for harvesting of rainwater

​​​​​​​THE government is working a nationwide plan to strengthen rain water harvesting so as to improve water access and stimulate economic growth, MPs were told yesterday.

Deputy Minister for Water, Maryprisca Mahundi.

The Deputy Minister for Water, Maryprisca Mahundi, made this observation when responding to a question from Zainabu Katimba (Special Seats), underlining that investing in proper harvesting can increase water availability and save roads and bridges from flood effects.

She noted that Tanzania has been experiencing heavy rainfalls almost every year where and sometimes causes destructions in properties, crops and infrastructures such as roads and bridges, but if the rain waters harvests and tamed into dams and wells, will save infrastructures and improve access to water.

The plan will focus on encouraging public institutions, schools and the community at large to install rainwater harvesting equipment to ensure water supply for most of the year.

In her basic question, the MP wanted to know government plans to increase investment in rainwater harvest to fight water shortages and facilitate irrigation farming, stressing on the need for rainwater harvesting technologies to make better use of rains and dampen the effects of climate change.

“The government should come up with strategies that will direct organizations, schools, hospitals, villages and the public at large to build rain water harvesting systems in their areas to fight the water crisis,” she emphasised.

Responding, the deputy minister said the government is implementing dam rehabilitation projects dams in various districts to support rainwater harvesting.

“We are also constructing dams for use of livestock, as rainwater is pooled in dams,” she stated.

Rashid Shangazi (Mlalo) in his supplementary question urged the government to come up with a strategy to build enough dams across the country to harvest rainwater and alleviate problems arising from partial drought.

“To overcome the problem of poor distribution of water, it is necessary to collect rainwater and store it for water needs in the dry period. Communities should be trained on techniques to increase rainwater harvest, most of which is each year just lost,” he said.

Mahundi responded that the government is prepared to ensure that it improves access to water by up to 95 percent in the next few years. It will continue taking durable measures to improve water supply including facilitating rainwater harvest, she stated.

“Clean water is critical to all sectors. It is an important need for any human being, so we will continue deploying new solutions to address water challenges in the country” she added.

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