Govt urged to invest and implement the universal health coverage

08Apr 2019
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Govt urged to invest and implement the universal health coverage

THE government has been called to heavily invest and practically implement Universal Health Coverage--a global agenda aimed at ensuring that people have access to the health care they need without suffering financial hardship.

Programme Director of Health Promotion Tanzania (HDT), Salvator Hokororo made the call in Dar es Salaam over the weekend when speaking at this year's World Health Day, themed: "Universal Health Coverage"

Hokororo said it was high time for politicians and government leaders to enhance commitment on the matter to be able to achieve UHC because of its importance, taking into accounts that half the world’s population cannot access essential health services.

"We are calling the government to bring on board all key players such as development partners, private sector and civil society organizations so that all we achieve the universal health coverage," he suggested.

He also  urged the government to approve and implement the health financing strategy that will replace private voluntary health financing especially out pocket payments with compulsory progressive public financing that will result in the health and wealth subsiding the sick and the poor.

It is estimated that 66 percent of Tanzanians are not covered by any health insurance; they have to pay when they get sick.

Hokororo also suggested the need to impose a new tax on ciggarate, sugar, aviation and raw fuel  so that the money be used in health financing.

HDT official further suggested the need for the government to come up with one health insurance and health fund that will be for poor and those living in risk environment.

In the Sustainable Development Goals, all countries have committed to achieving universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030. To meet that target, we need to see 1 billion people benefitting from UHC in the next 5 years.

This is not an unattainable dream, nor will it require billions of dollars to implement. UHC is achievable, right here, right now, for all of us.

Health for all is possible even with health systems that are less than perfect – countries at many different income levels are making progress with the resources they have.

On Friday 5 April, WHO colleagues joined hands with staff from health and development organizations around the world to symbolize our shared commitment to ensuring health for everyone, everywhere.

This shared commitment will be fundamental as we move forward to the next milestone in the global push towards universal health coverage – at the United Nations High-Level meeting on Universal Health Coverage in New York later this year.

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