Govt urged resolve herder-farmers conflicts over land grazing areas

21Sep 2020
The Guardian
Govt urged resolve herder-farmers conflicts over land grazing areas

TANZANIA Livestock Keepers Association (CCWT) has appealed to livestock officers in the country’s local councils to ensure management grazing areas in districts with livestock keepers to avoid farmers-herder’s conflicts.

The association has also called of livestock officials not to charge the levies at livestock auctions.

The appeal was given yesterday by CCWT legal officer Glorious Luoga when speaking to traditional leaders and herders in Monduli District, Arusha Region.

In regard to livestock being charged levies before being sold at auctions, Luoga said that was illegal and called on livestock officials to solvethe challenge at once. 

He also used the occasion to call on herders to have good relationship with government officials as the livestock sector is important to the national income.

CCWT national chairman Jeremia Wambura said he will stand by all herders’ rights as it was the country essential sector, and added that during his tenure in WCCT he will establish edible seed processing factories including digging wells in all animals grazing areas that have been officially set aside for the purpose.

Earlier, speaking at the meeting, herders Julius Loibos, Yamat Laizer and Oleiboku Ole Kisambu said allocated grazing lands were being invaded by farmers with no steps being taken to address  the situation.

For his part, Monduli District livestock officer Ommary Sanga pledged to address all complaints regarding invasion of grazing areas.

On livestock levies he admitted charging taxes on livestock that have not yet been sold because herders do not get permits from Ward livestock officers allowing them to transport their livestock, but from now on any herders taking   animals to auctions will not be charged the levies.

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