Govt urged to set strategies to rescue market of hides, skins

07Dec 2018
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Govt urged to set strategies to rescue market of hides, skins

TANZANIA Veterinary Paraprofessional Association (TAVEPA) has called on the government to set strategies to rescue the market of hides and skins.

TAVEPA chairman Salim Msellem said in Arusha Region  during the 14th general meeting that involved livestock paraprofessionals.

 “Most hides and skins are thrown out hence causing the government to lose foreign exchange and also weaken the economy of individual hides businesspersons,” he said.

He said there must be well strategic plans of establishing small industries that will be processing skins to rescue the production of skins and hides.

Commenting on the capacity of the holders of Diploma in Animal Health and Production (DAHP), Msellem said TAVEPA had received many complaints.

 “One year taken to pursue DAHP is not enough. We call on the government to extend it to two or three years as it was in previous years to enable them to work efficiently upon completion of their course,” he said.

 “Currently, they are seen as if they pursue their course so as to get chance to join in the universities and not to help the livestock keepers in rural areas. Indeed their practical capacity is very low,” he insisted.

 Tanzania Veterinary association (TVA)) chairman Prof. Dominic Kambarage, said Tanzania has and sells many cattle in different countries adding that it was time for the nation to utilize the EAC market.

The don added that the move should move concurrently with building capacity and knowledge to the livestock keepers on vaccination to control disease and get reliable markets to benefit all the people.

"Livestock sector is very important in nation economy growth.

Tanzania is second in Africa to have a large number of livestock, adding that if livestock are fully used will reduce unemployment problems and increase the nation’s revenues, he said.

 For his part, the Veterinary Council of Tanzania.VCT) Registrar Dr Bedan Masuruli, highlighted the need for the authority and animal keepers to take the task of controlling animal diseases.





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