Govt urges health practitioners to contain 10bn/- WB grant

15Feb 2017
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Govt urges health practitioners to contain 10bn/- WB grant

DEPUTY Minister in the President's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Suleiman Jafo has urged health practitioners in the Coast Region to make proper use of the 10bn/- donated by the World Bank (WB)-

Suleiman Jafo

for improvement of health services delivery at every hospital, health centre and dispensaries in the region.

Jafo said the regional medical officer is responsible for supervision and relocation of the funds.

He said this when speaking to different executives in the region including doctors, procurement officers, directors, planning officers and council leaders.

The deputy minister noted that since each of the health centres and hospitals have different challenges, it is crucial to analyse them properly before allocating the funds. He said that, if properly used the funds will help to improve health services delivery in the region.

“These funds are expected to bring changes and improve service provision at all levels…DMO should supervise and monitor expenditures in collaboration with district medical officers”, said Jafo urging each of the hospitals to submit its bank statements to the ministry.

He said the money will be directly channeled to specific accounts of the hospitals instead of municipal councils. He tasked the Coast Region administrative secretary to ensure that required bank accounts are submitted on time.

According to Jafo, the WB is implementing a project to improve health service provision in the Coast Region starting last year. He said that so far 2.3bn/- have been distributed to a number of hospitals.

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