Govt to review contract with Songas

18May 2022
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Govt to review contract with Songas

The government has said it is set to review its contract with electricity supply company Songas to make it more beneficial to both parties ahead of its end in July 2024.

Deputy Minister for Energy Stephen Byabato has said today in Parliament as he was responding to Special Seats MP, Jesca Kishoa, who enquired about the government’s future plans to ensure it enters contracts that are error-free by 2024.

 “The government will discuss the contract later on if both sides agree; a new contract that is free of errors and more beneficial to the nation will be signed,” he said. 

Byabato said that the government through the Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO) has formed a task force to review the fundamental issues that need to be considered when signing the new contract.

Special Seat MP, Ester Bulaya asked an additional question on when the government will review all contracts including the Mwalimu Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Generation construction so as to avoid losses. 

In response, Byabato said that the government will work on the concerns of the MPs and will continue cooperating with them to ensure the contracts it enters bring benefits to the general public. 

 “We will ensure the current contracts are improved so that they are implemented for the benefit of the majority,” he added.

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