Grab opportunities in mining sector - minister tells youth

23Jun 2021
The Guardian
Grab opportunities in mining sector - minister tells youth

​​​​​​​MINERALS Minister Dotto Biteko has urged the youth in the country to grab existing opportunities in the mineral sector to do away with poverty and dependency.

​​​​​​​MINERALS Minister Dotto Biteko.

Biteko made the remarks when addressing youth of Tanzania Assembly of God (TAG) during the national youth forum held here at the weekend.

He said the mineral sector has many opportunities that could help them reject poverty and dependency as it is the sector that earns the government huge income.

He also called upon them   to make sure they create projects that will assist to change their lives economically.

“The main existing challenge for many youth in failing to achieve their aims is being associated with friends, many of who lack vision that can create beneficial projects except discouraging one another,” he said.

He said in order to attain the targeted plans; youth are required to shun temptations that hold them down.

TAG Archbishop, Dr Barnabas Mtokambali said the church’s policy is to ensure its adherents, including the youth work hard to free themselves from poverty.

“TAG does not affiliate itself ro any political party, but as a church, they are guardians of all parties, while its adherents are followers of the parties,” he added.

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