Graduate kidnaps, holds himself ransom for 3million/-

30Jul 2021
Marc Nkwame
The Guardian
Graduate kidnaps, holds himself ransom for 3million/-

A young man identified as Dickson Peter Mulungu, who was reportedly kidnapped by unknown people that demanded 3 million/- ransom from his parents, has been found at an unnamed Guest House in Arusha, with several wounds on his body.

Arusha Regional Police Commander, ACP Justine Masejo.

But according to police reports, Dickson, a graduate of Tumaini Makumira University College, could have actually holed himself up in the small inn, from which he would send a series of ransom notes to his parents, feigning to be the kidnappers, demanding money for his release.

The Arusha Regional Police Commander, ACP Justine Masejo, said reports of the young man’s disappearance reached the security organs on the 25th of July 2021, from an anonymous person, claiming that his relative, that is Dickson Mungulu, was kidnapped and being held ransom by a group of racketeers that demanded cash money for his release.

It was further stated that the caller who notified the police, explained that the alleged kidnappers were sending demand notes to members of the victim family through Short Messaging Services (SMS), from an unknown phone number, threatening to harm Dickson if their ultimatums were not met.

However, after thorough investigations, the police officers working on the case were led to a certain house located in the populous Kwa-Mrombo area, located slightly outside the Arusha City. The premises turned out to be a Guest House with rental rooms, in which the alleged kidnapped young man was holed up.

Dickson was found with injuries on legs and neck. Upon probing he admitted that he inflicted those on himself in order to convince his parents and relatives that he was indeed in danger, thus they should send the ransom money in a hurry.

The police intend to take the young man to court in connection with his feigned kidnapping case and self-extortion fracas once all investigations have been completed, including finding out if other people were involved in the strange racket.

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