Gwajima instructs police to hunt for father who fled with ‘raped girl'

16May 2022
The Guardian
Gwajima instructs police to hunt for father who fled with ‘raped girl'

​​​​​​​DR Dorothy Gwajima, Community Development, Women, Gender and Special Groups minister has instructed the police in Arusha Region to hunt for one Ally Abdallah who is allegedly disappeared with is 4-year-old girl who was raped.

​​​​​​​DR Dorothy Gwajima.

Speaking here at Arusha Regional Police headquarters, Dr Gwajima said she came to the region for a short brief to mobilise for the World Family Day on Sunday – May 15 this year.

She said during the visit she received the depressing news regarding the rape of the child.

"I was very much depressed and decided to talk to the child’s mother, I found her crying a lot and have instructed experts in psychology to assist the mother in counselling to remove her grief,” the Minister said.

She said it depresses to see that when the nation is preparing for the commemoration of the global event, there are some people who have faced acts of gender based violence and child abuse and who have decided to leave the entire issue to God instead of referring the issue to legal organs.

"When I interrogated the child’s mother, she said she decided to leave the matter to God, I was very much shocked to hear this as the government is there to deal with such issues,” she added.

She asked: “now what is the work of the government when people face these situations, we cannot just leave the issues to God, and we must educate these people about the role of their government.”

Dr Gwajima said the child’s rights must not be violated, justice must be found; hence, the decision by the father to flee with her child to a step mother in that condition was not right at all.

She said unfortunately, the incident that happened on April 24 this year was not reported to the police until May 12 because of the mother’s decision to leave the matter into God’s hands.

She said according to UNICEF report for 2021 show that 60 per cent of incidents of child abuse occur in the families while 40 per cent of them outside the families.

Regarding the call by the child’s mother for assistance to have her children returned and to be assisted in her upkeep, Dr Gwajima directed the local council to provide her with a loan to start a business.

Earlier, the mother of the child, Amina Abdallah (250, resident of Uswahilini area in the City of Arusha said her child was raped during Eid El Fitr day when she went out to play with other children nearby, and thereafter she came back with a sweet in her hand while dripping blood from her private parts.

"Seeing her in that condition I asked her what had happened, she replied that she was hurt by a twig. I threatened her to say the truth, but insisted it was a twig,” she said, and added:

“From this response I decided to take her to neighbours to assist in interrogating her, but the child remained quiet, after which she slapped her when she started passing out heavy white liquid from her private parts.

"we then examined her private parts and found that she had been raped and badly bruised, hence I, the father and neighbours decided to take her to a Police station and given PF 3 form which enabled us to take her to Mount Meru referral Hospital for treatment,”

She said after treatment she returned home and some neighbours told the mother not to look for the criminal, saying she should leave the matter to God.

“But on Eid al Fitr day my husband, Ally Abdallah quietly took the child to his second wife at SekanoVillage in Kondoa District on reasons that I do not know how to rear children. I therefore ask the government to assist me getting my child back,” she added.

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