Health workers challenged in health care delivery

01Jul 2019
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Health workers challenged in health care delivery

HEALTH workers have been challenged to abide by the code of conduct in order to improve the provision of health services delivery to the people.

Dr Doroth Gwajima.

Deputy permanent secretary in the Presidents’ Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) Dr Doroth Gwajima threw the challenge over the weekend when speaking during the meeting with staff of Yombo Vituka health centre located in Dar es Salaam’s Temeke district.

meeting was meant to provide a platform for people to discuss challenges facing the centre and come up with the solutions.

She said the government is expecting to reap positive fruits from workers employed to render health services to people and not otherwise.

The deputy who was accompanied by a regional medical officer (RMO), district medical officer (DMO), Temeke municipal director and other staff from his ministry visited the centre and found several challenges including lack of reliable electricity, water and theatre.

Gwajima said that, despite all the challenge the centre is facing, the medical officer in charge of the centre has been active in making sure the centre provides all service to patients.

She said that she will make follow up to all medical officers in charge of the health centre in the country to mainly to assess their performance in their workplace.

Yombo Vituka health centre located in Temeke district in Dar es Salaam accommodate about 250 to 300 people per day, despite the limited water and electricity services in the centre.

The deputy said she will not hesitate to fire any staff that will prove failure to obey the code of conducts for public servants.

Gwajima said a health staffs need to be creative and faithful enough to help patients who come to the centre to get better services.

“You need to collaborate together in your daily activities in order to strengthen the capacity of the centre to be able to admit more patients,” she explained.

She ordered Temeke district director to make sure the centre is equipped with electricity and water services in order to facilitate fast and reliable health service provision.

For his part Primmy Damasi water engineer for Temeke municipal who represent the municipal director said the municipal will make sure will work on the order and we will fix another transformer for supply electricity in the centre.

He added that the municipal has so far rehabilitated several health centres at Charambe, Kijichi and Buza by using internal revenues.

“The municipal is also in the planning to purchase an ambulance and we have already included it in the next coming financial year,” he said.