Help communities to profit from renewable energies, CSOs told

11Jul 2020
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Help communities to profit from renewable energies, CSOs told

​​​​​​​CIVIL Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country have been challenged to come up with a workable financial model which will help communities to benefit economically with the use of renewable energy resources.

Executive director of the FORUMCC Rebecca Muna.

A private energy consultant, Roy Namgera said the private sector and CSOs should design the best and friendly approach of making renewable energy more friendly to users in order to support the ongoing initiatives to develop the sector.

He made the comment in an exclusive interview last week in Dar es Salaam during the stakeholders meeting to discuss the available opportunities and challenges for using renewable energy resources.

“So far there is no enough investment allocated to develop renewable energy in the country, therefore, if the public will be educated on how to invest in it, it will yield more positive results,” he explained.    

“Political will and technological investments are the main component if the government wants to benefit from the resources.” the consultant said.

He added that application of renewable energy in the country is still at minimal rate despite presence of plenty resources of energy available in the country.

Lack of prioritisation and low investment in the sector are the main causes, he said.

According to him, the government is supposed to take control on the quality of energy products imported in the country in order to save the local market and to discourage the initiative toward renewable energy.

The stakeholders meeting which brought together representatives from different CSOs and private sector was organised by the FORUMCC under the support of Netherlands based organisation called Hivos, together with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA).

The expert applauded the government effort to expand sources of renewable energy in the country, like the Julius Nyerere hydroelectric power project which is designed to produce 2115MW.

“Legal framework guiding renewable energy needs to be visited to make sure they provide the necessary environment to let the sector prosper,” he added. 

Executive director of the FORUMCC Rebecca Muna emphasized on the CSOs, private sector and the government to come up with best solutions to end deforestation.

“We need to have a constructive mechanism which will provide alternative means to do with people who cut down trees to get energy,” she said.

“More budgets are needed to make infrastructures for utilisation of renewable energy more effective in order to provide enough energy for domestic and industrial activities,” she insisted.

The forum is implementing a two-year project seeking to influence the government to invest more in the generation and use of renewable energy because it is one of a clean and safe source of energy to the environment.

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