HESLB: RITA  calls for students  to verify  their birth certificates

24Apr 2019
Gerald Kitabu
The Guardian
HESLB: RITA  calls for students  to verify  their birth certificates

THE Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) has called on all students who are expected to apply for loans from the Higher Education Students' Loans Board (HESLB) to start verifying their birth certificates.

RITA Administration General, Emmy Hudson.

The verification exercise also applies to students who have lost one or both parents. They are supposed to verify the death certificates of their parents.

Speaking at a press conference in Dar es Salam yesterday, RITA Administration General, Emmy Hudson explained that the Agency started the verification exercise yesterday, urging the students to start the exercise before it is too late. She said that one of the requirements of HESLB is for student to attach the birth certificates and other important documents.

“Experience shows that many students tend to wait until it is too late. They start the verification exercise too late at a time when the HESLB is about to close the door for the loans application. This causes unnecessary inconvenience,” he explained. 

 She said that the student must do it directly through RITA or authorised representatives who have been guided such as the district administrative secretaries who are available across the country.

“Students must avoid conmen who tend to hike the fees. We have such experience where in some internets; the students used such internets and their application did not reach RITA, others ended up paying more than thirty thousands. I stress again that the actual verification fee is three thousands only,” she said.

She explained that the students must make sure that all documents for the verification are well readable, they must make sure that they open their own accounts and remember passwords because in the past, some certificates were not well readable and some of them used selfie-photos which are not accepted.

 “The students must be careful, they must read and follow all instructions in the advert including the portal provided by RITA before they start the verification exercise,” she stressed

Last year RITA conducted similar verification exercise and more than 1800,000 sent their certificates for  the verification out of whom more than 98,000 their documents were legal, and more than 2,000 their documents were not in the formal system.

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