High Court convicts three for murder, sets capital penalty

19Sep 2019
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High Court convicts three for murder, sets capital penalty

THE High Court of Tanzania, Mbeya Zone has sentenced three youths to death by hanging after they were found guilty of murder contrary to section 196 of The Penal Code Cap 16 as amended in 2002.

The trio is Nathaniel Elias(31), Moses Kasitu (26) and Elias Mzumbwe whose age was not immediately established.

Reading the judgment, Judge Dr Adam Mambi said the court was satisfied from the evidence tendered by the prosecution and the sentence should act as deterrence to those who want success by causing death to others.

Judge Mambi said the accused in criminal case No 23 of 2016 committed the offence on 25/7/2014 in Mpemba area in Tunduma Municipality, Momba District, Songwe Region.

He said the accused attacked one Vascal Njowela who had come out of a shop at Mpemba as he was transacting some business and he was going back to his business partner to deliver money. On the way they shot him dead at took away from him one million shillings.

Defence attorney Justian Mshokolwe said from the evidence adduced in court by prosecution witnesses, he had to agree with the court’s sentence but said there is a channel for appeal to upper courts.

Prosecution State Attorney Shindani Michael praised the court in meting out proper justice which should act as a deterrent to other people who may have urges to commit similar offences.

Outside the packed court, the wananchi led by one Adam Juma praised the court for the sentence saying such crime incidents were on the rise in the region.

Juma said the shooting was cruelty of unimaginable proportions, “to kill and rob the victim money, just 1m/. We are tired of such crimes now rampant in our region, as every passing day people are attacked and sometimes killed due to love affairs, or bodaboda drivers robbed of their machines.”

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