High Court sentences Burundian to death for killing his ex-wife

05May 2020
The Guardian
High Court sentences Burundian to death for killing his ex-wife

​​​​​​​THE High Court of Tanzania  in Kigoma  has sentenced to death Yohana Filipo (28), a   national  of Burundi and resident of Rungwe Mpya village in Kasulu district for wrongfully and intentionally causing the death of   his ex- wife Scolastica James.  

The sentence was given yesterday by Judge Athumani Matuma after the prosecution   proved  a beyond reasonable of doubt  of the crime.

Matuma said the Court is giving the severe punishment to the accused as a lesson to any other  person harbouring similar heinous intentions.

He said the prosecution produced five witnesses with two exhibits that proved the accused committed the crime deliberately.

Judge Matuma said the accused committed the crime on October 23, 2017 in the afternoon at Rungwe Mpya village in Kasulu district.

He said the prosecution led by State Attorney Robert Magige produced five witnesses while the defence led by a private advocate Diana Damson produced the accused himself as a witness.

He said the accused and the deceased lived who is survived by one child and divorced in September 2016.

Both were living in a nearby  farm. The deceased and one Shamini Moshi went to fetch water suddenly the accused  appeared and attacked Scolastica by stabbed her   to death.

He said the accused is a Burundi national who came into the country as farm labourer in the village.

The defence advocate Diana Damson prayed for court to issue a lenient sentencefor her client because it was his first offence, and that he has a dependant to look after and had remained in remand for over two years.

Jaji Matuma rejected the plea saying: “The law has only one punishment for murder cases therefore I sentence the accused to be hanged by the neck untill dead. He also has the right of appeal.  

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