Hombolo ultra-modern cassava processing plant in offing

01Jul 2020
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Hombolo ultra-modern cassava processing plant in offing

​​​​​​​PLANS are afoot for the Anglican’s Diocese of Central Tanganyika (DCT) and an Indian investor, Ramani Veerappan, to open an ultra-modern cassava processing plant in Hombolo ward, Dodoma region.

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industrial and Agriculture (TCCIA), Idd Senge.

If all goes well, through the envisioned pact, DCT will provide a total of 100 acres for the construction of the said plant, whereby the foreign investor will be responsible for construction of the factory, installment of machines, as well as other relevant facilities.

However, in ensuring abundant supply of raw materials, the diocese is expected to cultivate at least 1,000 acres of cassava nearby the factory.

According to the regional Secretary with the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industrial and Agriculture (TCCIA), Idd Senge, the two parties are finalising talks in readiness for the crucial plant.

“The talks have reached a crucial stage and both sides are demonstrating high spirits and readiness to have the project start as soon as possible,” he said.

He added that upon its completion, the facility is expected to stimulate cultivation of the tubers in the central zone corridor, a move which will also see many households cheat poverty through cultivating and selling the cash crop to the plant.

“The envisaged factory will dwell in manufacturing cassava starch, at capacity of 200 tonnes per day, and animal feeds,” he detailed.

On his side, the Indian investor, Veerappan, unveiled that the envisaged factory will be purchasing fresh cassava from farmers at a price of between 250/- and 300/- per kilogramme on cash basis, depending on the quality of the tuber.

Despite being endowed with key potentials of growing cassava, the cash crop has always been grown in poor tide in Dodoma and Singida, but the recent revelation that some Indians and Chinese traders are eying to invest in processing cassava in Tanzania has triggered major revolutions among farmers of the said tuber in central zone regions.

Most farmers in central zone are currently in forefront to acquire chunk land for establishing cassava plantation due to recently news released during the China- ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) 2018 that some Chinese traders want to chip in the county and invest in cassava processing factories.

Dodoma Regional Commissioner (RC), Binilith Mahenge, said the region has set aside enough land for supporting various industrial investments.

“Doors are open for local and foreign investors to come and invest in Dodoma, the region has many investment opportunities to offer,” he said.

With an annual production estimated at 6.8 million tonnes, Tanzania is the twelfth largest producer of cassava in the world, and the sixth in Africa after Nigeria, DRC, Ghana, Angola, and Mozambique.

The future demand of cassava in Tanzania is projected to be between 530,000 and 630,000 tonnes and potential drivers of increased local demand are milling, animal feed, beer and beverages, sweets and snacks, starch manufacture, textile factories, paper mills and hardboards, paint and pharmaceuticals.

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