I will bring economic revolution in Vunjo if elected –Dr Kimei

14Sep 2020
The Guardian
I will bring economic revolution in Vunjo if elected –Dr Kimei

​​​​​​​CCM’s parliamentary candidate for Vunjo Constituency in Moshi Rural District Dr Charles Kimei has appealed to the people to elect him in order to spur economic revolution.

Former Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda campaigns for CCM’s candidate for the Vunjo constituency parliamentary seat, Dr Charles Kimei (R), at a rally at Himo township in Kilimanjaro Region at the weekend. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

Launching his election campaign at a public rally at Himo town at the weekend in the presence of former Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, Dr Kimei said the constituency has many challenges including poor road infrastructures, education, health and lack of reliable markets for the crops produced.

He said if elected, he would use his experience gained from the financial sector to establish the Constituency’s Entrepreneurs Fund that will issue low interest loans to the people as capital to enable them employ themselves as well as employ others for their own economic wellbeing.

“We are working with other stakeholders to finalize the process for the fund’s establishment. I will personally write the project’s write up to obtain funds to make available to various groups including farmers, livestock keepers, youth, women, motorcycle owners and mechanics,” he said.

On agriculture and farm crops, Dr Kimei spoke on the establishment of irrigation farming to increase crop yields as well as enable people to establish small processing plants to add value to the crops.

He said instead of selling tomatoes, a perishable crop, these processing plants will make and sell tomato paste, and added that they would also do that for other crops such as coffee.

He said another area is to improve road infrastructures to simplify transportation of crops to reach the market.

On health, Dr Kimei said many health centres need quick and major refurbishments, with some of them lacking modern X-ray and ultra sound equipment.

“We shall oversee the completion of Himo District Council that has stopped. We shall also deal with health insurance issues and medical services to elders,” Dr Kimei added.

“I have mobilized myself to ensure Himo residents get development just like the CCM Election Manifesto says. I will work together with the Government in every sector to ensure people get development, and benefit from their resources,” he said.

He also appealed for the residents to vote for President John Magufuli as well as all CCM councillorship candidates in the constituency.

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