IAA, NIC launch new insurance education curriculum

29Jul 2021
Jenifer Gilla
The Guardian
IAA, NIC launch new insurance education curriculum

THE Arusha Institute of Accountants (IAA) in collaboration with the National Insurance Corporation (NIC), has launched a new insurance education curriculum which will help students to gain work experience while studying.

IAA Director, Professor Eliamani Sedoyeka.

The curriculum enables students to study in the classroom for 18 months and to practice in the workplace for 14 months for three years of their undergraduate studies (apprenticeship).

IAA Director, Professor Eliamani Sedoyeka, said this yesterday in Dar es Salaam, while launching the curriculum aimed at increasing the skills of graduates and expanding employment opportunities for graduates of the course.

He said the curriculum would also enable graduates to be self-employed by opening companies that would help recruit more young people.

"Through this curriculum, we provide empowerment for young graduates who want to be self-employed to achieve their goals to help grow their economy and the nation as a whole," said Prof Sedoyeko.

He said in preparing the curriculum, they collaborated with the Ministry of Finance and the International Labor Organisation (ILO), to find criteria that could produce qualified graduates.

The Director of NIC, Dr Elirehema Doriye, said the partnership will help students who go to practical training in their offices, to learn as staff and not as students.

He said many graduates lack employment qualifications because they fail to adapt to the culture of the office once they went for practical training, so they will make sure students meet all the criteria.

The chairperson of the Tanzania Employers' Association (ATE) Jane Nyimbo, urged the college to monitor students in training to achieve the goal.

"The college should monitor what students are doing in the workplace so that when they graduate they will actually meet criteria," said Jane.

The guest of honor at the event, Director of Surveillance and Prudential Supervision of the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA), Neema Lutula, said the system will help students gain experience with the community to benefit from insurance coverage in the economy and society at large.

She said the government is committed to strengthen the insurance industry and to a large extent has restored the confidence of the people to continue to develop new curricular to solve challenges from the community.

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