If elected, I’ll widen Tanzam highway to four lanes -Sugu

16Sep 2020
The Guardian
If elected, I’ll widen Tanzam highway to four lanes -Sugu

​​​​​​​MBEYA City parliamentary candidate (CHADEMA) Joseph Mbilinyi ‘Sugu’ has appealed to Mbeya City residents to vote for him on October 28 this year in order to bring them development including the widening of the Tanzania-Zambia Highway (Tanzam) to four lanes.

Joseph Mbilinyi alias Sugu, the opposition Chadema’s candidate for the Mbeya Urban constituency parliamentary seat, addresses a campaign rally in Nzovwe ward on Monday. He is seeking re-election. Photo: Correspondent Nebart Msokwa

He said in the last five years he could not fulfill some of his pledges due to the difficult period he had passed through including five-month imprisonment and loss of his mother who he claimed died from pressure.  

Sugu was speaking at a campaign rally at Nzovwe Ward grounds in the city during which he said apart from his imprisonment, his party, including other political parties were barred from holding political rallies.

He said in the last five years he only held two rallies including the one at Mwenge Primary School which caused his imprisonment.

He said the aim for the imprisonment was to weaken him politically but the results were opposite as he is now stronger politically as more and more people were supporting him.

He said Mbeya City residents, disregarding their political affiliations showed great esteem to him during his time in jail.

Sugu said despite the ordeals he underwent, still he accomplished some of his pledges including the construction of infrastructures in the city including road infrastructures.

He said when he was first elected MP in 2010 Mbeya City had only nine kms of tarmac roads but now it is 70 kms and promised that he would ensure more tarmac roads are built if elected.

He said he would also ensure the Kiwira river water project is completed as it is the only solution for water woes for both  residents of Mbeya city and Tunduma border town in Songwe Region.

Chadema Chairman for Mbeya City John Mwambigija said the CCM government has failed to offer  employment for the youth during the last five years and that even those who were employed have not received salary increases during the entire five-year period.

He said the government has failed to revive Mbeya Textile Mills, Mbeya Farm Implements and Highlands Soap Factory which could have employed hundreds pf youths in Mbeya region.

He called on Mbeya residents to vote for Chadema candidates because if elected the party will form a government friendly to the citizens.