Igunga militia guard vanishes with 17.2m/- parking fees-DED

17Feb 2020
The Guardian
Igunga militia guard vanishes with 17.2m/- parking fees-DED

​​​​​​​MILITIA guard, Peter Hiiti Areray, who was tasked by Igunga District Council to collect parking fees for big lorries has vanished with the collections.

Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Igunga, John Mwaipopo.

Confirming the incidence, Igunga District Executive Director Revocatus Kuul said Areray, a resident of Manyara region had vanished with 17,253,000/= that he had been collecting as parking fees for the whole of 2019.

Kuul explained that the militia guard returned the ticket vending machine to the Council claiming that he was going home in Mara region to attend to his sick parent and subsequent efforts to call him over the phone to hand over the money were futile as his phone was switched off.

“The militia guard was not a Council employee but we trusted him because he was doing guard duty at the parking area, we tried to call his wife to tell his whereabouts but said her husband has ran away because he was unable to pay back the money but added that there was an accountant who used to take the money claiming he was taking it to the bank,” Kuul added.

He added that in regard to others who embezzled Council funds have been given 14 days to remit the money whoever fails to do so will be taken to court.

A Council worker who did not want his name published said in the business and accountancy departments of the Council a lot of money has been stolen and that the names of those involved have not been referred to the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) hence there is the need for in-depth investigations in the two departments.

When Areray was called via his Mobile Phone 0746 660 0080, he said personally he did not embezzle the money, but he   handed it to some accountants to remit to the bank.

“I have not stolen the money but these accountants are putting me in trouble as I handed to them the whole amount 17, 253,000/= at different times,” he explained and added that the government should make an in-depth investigation including transferring some of them as most of the money had ended up whilst in their control and asked this reporter not to call him again.

Igunga District PCCM Commander Francis Nzuakuu said they continue to hunt for Areray so that he repays the money,

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