Improve customer service, DART staff challenged

30Oct 2021
Joseph Mwendapole
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Improve customer service, DART staff challenged

DAR ES SALAAM Rapid Transit (DART) staff and interns have been challenged to improve customer service by treating commuters with humility and using friendly language.

DART director of administration and human resource, Dr Eliphas Mollel threw the challenge when speaking at two-day training for internship in Dar es Salaam.

The training involves interns who have completed various universities and they are prepared to acquire experience so that they can be able to work in public and private sector in different fields of work.

Dr Mollel said DART staff and the trainee must have good customer care so that they attract more people to use the rapid transport and leave other means of transport.

 “When you are at your work place you must know that you are responsibility is to protect the image of the agency. We attend to more than 150,000 passengers per day so in order to retain them you must be polite and be humble to them,” he said.

He also said good customer care service that will be offered by staff and interns will increase the passengers and contrary to that people will opt to other means of transport.

He said staff and the trainees must understand their responsibilities and make sure those who need special attention like older people and pregnant women are well attended.

“For instance, when you see pregnant women in a queue it is your responsibility to tell her that you are not supposed to line up and take her where she deserve to seat and if it is students hours do the same, assist them to get into the bus fast,” he said.

Dr Mollel said DART have identified special buses to carry students in morning and evening hours so it is the responsibility of the staff and the trainees to be aware of that to undertake their responsibilities.

He added that customer care is crucial in any business because no customer can tolerate someone who misbehaves in his business area.

 “For example I come to your shop and you continue charting on your mobile phone. Very few people can tolerate that nonsense, many will move to another shop where there is good customer care so please make sure you attend people with care,” he said.

He added that rapid transport have facilitated people to arrive at their work places on time because buses use short time to reach their destinations compared to the past.

“Before the commencement of rapid transport it was common to use two hours to reach city center. For example from Kimara to Ferry it was sometimes more than two hours but right now it is only 35 minutes. This is a great achievement to our nation so don’t let us down,” he stressed