Indonesia to support African states in human resources development

15Jul 2019
Felix Andrew
The Guardian
Indonesia to support African states in human resources development

THE Indonesian government has pledged to support human resources development of African countries including Tanzania by providing more scholarship for students to pursue education in Jakarta.

Indonesian ambassador to Tanzania, Prof Ratland Pardede.

Indonesian ambassador to Tanzania, Prof Ratland Pardede made the remarks in Dar es Salaam over the weekend when speaking at the opening of Indonesian scholarship awardees gathering and movie screening.

He said that their government hold a steadfast commitment in supporting the human resources development of African countries , including Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and Uni Comoros, by providing scholarship for student to pursue further study in the best Universities in Indonesia.

He said one of the biggest Scholarship Scheme is the Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang/KNB).

“We have the honour to inform you that the result of 2019KNB Scholarship has been announced, and a total of 20 students from Tanzania (7 students), Rwanda (6 students), and Burundi (7 students) has been awarded a full scholarship this year. In total, from 2012 until 2018, the scholarship has been awarded for 57 Tanzanian Student, 45 Rwandan Student, 21 Burundian Student, and 1 Comorian Student”, he said.

Prof Pardede said : If we count also the technical cooperation, training, and short course, more than 100 Tanzanian student and professionals has been awarded for education and training for various fields in Indonesia.

He noted that some of the alumni of Indonesian Universities from Tanzania who has become part of the productive member of society has also established an association of alumni named TAIFA, headed by Rajab Ali from Zanzibar, currently one of the leading researcher of marine products in Isles.

Currently the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia is reaching out for all the alumni, to explore and discuss ideas for further cooperation between Indonesia and accredited country, he said.

He explained that Indonesia and Africa has a longstanding history of Friendship, under the framework of Asia-Africa Conference as well Non-Aligned Movement, Jakarta and Africa weaved a strong bond with each other.

“We have supported and speak for each other in international for a, especially on the issue of a just and fair World Order. For us, African countries are much like an old brother”, he added.

He stated that as the time advances and era moves on, those strong bond relevancy is still as strong as ever, with the need to transform those bonds into a more fruitful one to correspond to the current situation.

In this regard, the economic cooperation is easily being put on top of our mind as the most relevant cooperation. To achieve that goal, we need to have strong people to people connection and interaction as the prerequisite condition, he added.

Against this backdrop, he said they deem it important to promote the socio-cultural ties between Indonesia and Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Union of Comoros.

He also said along this objective, they identify that Movie and education are among the most effective medium to promote. That’s the reason why convene this occasion, the congratulatory Ceremony of Indonesian Scholarship Awardees as well as the Opening of Indonesian Movie Festival.

The envoy said people are what constitute a country, and therefore investing on human resources development is one of the most vital thing for any country.

In this light, he said their government continuously strive to improve the quality of our education. As the member of G-20 countries as well as the Trillion Dollar Club, the need for a capable human resources is very high in Indonesia.

Currently more than 20 percent of the expenditures of their national budget goes for education, he added.

The leading High Education Institutions in Indonesia has sit in the rank of World Class University and receiving international students from all over the world, while the other continuously strive to reach the same recognition.

The culture of research and innovation is being nurtured, contributing in the national vibrant atmosphere of start-up business in this digital era.

Aside from the education, one of the main agenda of event was the Movie Screening as the Opening of Indonesian Movie Festival that will be continued from 15-17 July 2019 in Alliance Francaise, Dar es Salaam .

The envoy said : We are totally aware that most of the people in Tanzania are yet to see the Indonesian Film, and therefore, we seize the chance to introduce our Movie.

In this recent years, Indonesian movie is steadily gaining worldwide reputation in various kind of movie Genre.

Drama, Action, Animation, the Indonesian creative workers are steadily increasing their capacity to brought something good onto the theatre, he said

We hope that by watching these Indonesian Movies, Tanzanian people, especially Youth, the future entrepreneur and professionals, can be more familiarized with Indonesia, the culture and the opportunity that we got, and hopefully, can be inspired to come to Indonesia and deepen our good relations in all front.

For his part, Dr. Kennedy Hosea, Director of Higher Education, Ministry of Education of Tanzania who was chief guest thanked the government of Indonesia for scholarship.

He urged local scholarship awardee to pursue studies and be good ambassadors of Tanzania in Indonesia.

He said the government would like to see them back with their certificates so that they can help to build industrial economy of Tanzania.