International Eye Hospital to offer discount optical services

22Mar 2019
The Guardian
International Eye Hospital to offer discount optical services

The International Eye Hospital  from  April 1 to 7th, this year will begin to provide 20 per cent discount on the cost of optical services they offer, including diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Speaking after making discussion with ambassadors from six countries, the hospital manager, Adam Mwatima said the discounted cost is  aimed at celebrating World Health Day on April 7.

Ambassadors who visited the hospital are from Comoro, Algerian, Yemen, Saud Arabia, Palestine and Oman.

Mwatima said many Tanzanians are suffering from eye problems so they have to use the opportunity to test and get eye treatments and don’t  have wait for the final stage.

‘’Tanzanians should realise that there is no need to go abroad to get optimal services because we offer all services at a cost-effective prices than to increase costs to go China and India, ‘’ said   Mwatima.

He added that, they provide   services that involve diabetic eye disease , eye pressure and surgery because they are better equipped with drugs that treat the problems.

He explained that the community believes in them for their services so they will ensure that they provide better services by training their experts to meet international standards.

‘’The arrival of these ambassadors motivated us to continue to improve on better services delivery provided by China and India,’’ he explained.

Referring to the arrival of the ambassadors, Mwatima said they would reduce the costs for the ambassadors and their families when they are diagnosed with eye problems at the hospital.

He said many ambassadors have been going to their country for access to optical treatment, while they are able to access such services while they are in the country.

He stressed that Tanzanians can access such services by using National Health Insurance (NHIF), AAR and other international insurance agencies for eye health testing.

Eye as human body organ is facing different threats from several body conditions. Diabetes, blood hypertension, body allergic reaction, viral and bacterial infections may all cause eye to not function properly.

Eye conditions include cataract, diabetic retinopathy, retina detachments, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, low vision dry eyes and others.