Investor’s failure to comply with environmental laws irks Zungu

24Jun 2020
The Guardian
Investor’s failure to comply with environmental laws irks Zungu

​​​​​​​THE Minister of State in the Vice-President's Office (Union and Environment) Mussa Azzan Zungu on Monday visited the kaolin mining site at Pugu hills in Kisarawe District, Coast Region where he was not satisfied with the investor’s environmental compliance.

Minister Zungu was surprised to see the mining company—Rakkadlin Co. Ltd operating without obtaining an environmental assessment certificate from the National Environment Management Council (NEMC).

Zungu was accompanied by Kisarawe District Commissioner, Jokate Mwegelo, NEMC Eastern zone Manager, Anorld Mapinduzi, environmental lawyers from the Vice President’s Office and several other government officials from Kisarawe District.

During the tour, the officials witnessed mining of kaolin which is used as a raw material in manufacturing of ceramic.

Kaolin is also used as an input in industries to manufacture paints, finished leather, paper industries, tooth paste, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, ceramics, chalk rubber and many others.

“We have gone through the investor’s documents as well as recommendations by our environment officers given since 2018, but the investor has not improved anything in regard to environment protection,” said the minister.

Zungu said there are still complaints from residents living near the mine. He said they will review their findings and handover the report to the district commissioner.

Kisarawe District Commissioner, Jokate Mwegelo called upon the residents to obey country’s laws and regulations. She said there should be a system that will ensure proper mining of the minerals which involves demarcation of mining sites.

“We are rich in various natural resources but there is no proper mechanism for mining of the minerals,” said Jokate.

Mapinduzi insisted on the investor to adhere to country’s laws as well as the environment protection guidelines. He said adhering to the regulations would save the environment and avoid various effects likely to happen in future.

“It is important for the investor to adhere to our directives because he cannot be able to pay all the residents who will be reported to have serious health complications caused by his mining activities,” said Mapinduzi.

Owner of the mine—Rakkadlin Co. Ltd, Adam Iremu has promised to work on all the government recommendations as soon as the dispute between him and the villagers is resolved.

The company has operated at the area for many years but it has been reluctant in adhering to government’s directives on environment conservation.