Ipole-Rungwa road contractor tasked to speed up rehabilitation work

15Feb 2020
The Guardian
Ipole-Rungwa road contractor tasked to speed up rehabilitation work

​​​​​​​WESTERN Construction, a contractor revamping the 172km Ipole-Rungwa road section that links Tabora and Mbeya regions has been tasked to fix the troublesome sections of the road by filling in with gravels to make it passable during the rainy season.

Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Elias Kwandikwa made the directives on Tuesday when speaking to people who were stranded for two days after the floods swept away some sections of the road due to the ongoing rains.

Kwandikwa described the road as important for transporting people and agro produces to the markets, but now is impassable as four sections of the road have been swept off by floods, the situation that cause havoc to road users during this season.

The deputy minister is in Tabora to inspect road infrastructure of about 2,153 km long - national and regional roads.

He directed the contractor to work day and night in order to bring back communication and enable the people at the areas to pass while waiting for water to decrease and build a culvert.

The deputy minister has also asked The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) to effectively supervise the exercise of building a culvert at the area and make sure that it will not allow water to pass over the road and cause damage.

He added that the government plan is to construct a bituminous road in order to link people from various regions and then improve their life standard and economy as well.

Kwandikwa added: “This will be a history to all regions that have delayed to get good road infrastructures especially Tabora, Katavi and Kigoma”.

For his part, the representative of Western Construction Company Eng Saidi Nassoro, assured the minister that the exercise of placing stones at the area will be completed within two days and the vehicles will be allowed to pass over.

The Eng told the deputy minister that, earlier the road was in good position but the ongoing heavy rain led to breach of the road.

Semeni Juma, a resident of Kitunda in Sikonge District requested the government to construct that road in bituminous standard for easy transport.

The deputy minister is in an official visit in Tabora region for assessing  rain impact to the road infrastructures.