Iringa launches innovation week 2020

30Mar 2020
Friday Simbaya
The Guardian
Iringa launches innovation week 2020

AS Iringa launches innovation week 2020 authorities have supported innovators in the region.

Iringa District Commissioner Richard Kasesela.

In his address via the internet protocol yesterday, Iringa district commissioner Richard Kasesela said the events will include forums and exhibitions.

“We have organised the innovation week following the many technological opportunities, we want our innovators to showcase their works and where necessary get support from the government. However participants will have to adhere to all the COVID-19 preventive measures to avoid spreading of the disease in our region”, said the Kasesera.

The DC insisted that creativity and innovations are important factors in human life as they help in solving various challenges.

“Most of the innovators are facing financial challenges thus failing to achieve their goals”, said the district commissioner.

Coordinator of the Iringa innovation week 2020, Dr Bukaza Chachage said the creative week has been organised by civil society organisations in partnership with the government. The stakeholders including Kiota Hub - University of Iringa, The Open University Tanzania - Iringa center, Rlabs-Tanzania, TLED / SIDO Hub-Iringa, Chanya Change, HDIF and UKaid.

He said that this year’s creative week celebrates more technological issues to stimulate creativity in the public.

Dr Chachage, who is also the director of the Open University of Tanzania's Iringa branch, added that innovation is available in all sectors that involve human beings and development activities.

Innovation week is a series of events exploring innovation in research, entrepreneurship, and technology and design curate by HDIF, UKAid and COSTECH in collaboration with other partners.

Dr Chachage noted that the purpose of innovation week is to inspire current and future leaders in the country to take risks on new ideas, collaborate across sectors and transform Tanzania through the scaling of innovation.

He said that there a lot of innovators that are found in the villages but due the financial constraint they fail to exhibit their creativity.

But through innovation ecosystem which brings together including educational institutions, government institutions and private sector, they can overcome the challenges facing local innovators.