Isles govt bans pellet guns

04Jul 2016
David Kisanga
The Guardian
Isles govt bans pellet guns

ZANZIBAR government has banned the sale of toy guns to curb a culture of violence and its related impact to children in the Isles.

Children toting toy guns that fire rubber or plastic pellets are a common sight during Eid al-Fitr, with sales surging every year amid the festivities that mark the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Senior officer in the ministry of Trade, Industry and Marketing, Zuwena Abdalla Bilal said some of the toys have detrimental effects for children and some may lead them into deaf.

“The decision came after the government received a number of complaints from the public that some of the toys affect children. And this is also is another reason that made the government to ban sells and the use of those facilities for the well-being of Zanzibar children,” the official said.

According to her, the ministry has already met with dealers of those facilities and informed them on the negative impacts of the facilities to children’s well-being.
Zuwena said that the ban was in line with the act number 2 of 1995; that protect consumers from using things that have negative impact to them.

“Businessmen have agreed to stop the business; but we aren’t sure that all dealers have stopped from doing so. So, we have started moving in shops and inspect the presence of those facilities. The idea is to phase-out in the market outlets,” she said.

She further said that Zanzibar there is an increase of the facilities since 2013. And they become useful during festivals such as Eid al-Fitr.
Some children lose ability to see and hearing as a result of the use of such toys.

Chairman of Zanzibar Children Council Ameir Haji Khamis said that last year 24 children were affected with the use of such toys.

Cordinator of an international charity organization-- Save the children, Ramadhan Mohammed Rashid commended the government for banning the use of such toys for the benefit of children.

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