Isles govt vows to address violence against women, children

08Mar 2016
David Kisanga
The Guardian
Isles govt vows to address violence against women, children

THE Zanzibar government yesterday vowed to tirelessly continue fighting violence against women and children by putting in place different measures to address the vice.

Zainab Omar Mohammed

Zanzibar commitment came at a time when Isles residents join the rest of the world to commemorate ‘World Women’s Day which has been themed: ‘Women are partners in the growth of the economy, provide equal opportunity in owning resources.

The Minister of Empowerment, Social Welfare, Youth, Women and Children, Zainab Omar Mohammed, said that the government was very determined to make sure such violence against women and children were reduced if not ended.

She said violence against the group was very alarming, vowing that the government would not stand by and watch such vices continue.

“I would like to call upon law enforcers such as the police, courtd and legal practitioners in the isles to execute their duties properly in the fight against such issues,” she appealed.

According to her, the public should recognise women’s efforts in the development of the country, especially in taking care of families and the community.

Mohammed said that despite various challenges facing women in the country, it was right for women to be treated equally and have access to better services.

She said the government had already made some efforts to confront challenges facing women in the country.

She added: ‘We are doing a lot by drafting various strategies and seeing how best to implement them in order to empower women economically, strengthen some systems that contributed to their failure as well as put in place a favourable environment for them.’

On women’s right to own resources, the minister noted that it was a crosscutting issue that needed efforts from various stakeholders to accomplish it.

Mohammed called upon private and public institutions in the country dealing with women and community issues to work together to ensure they were empowered to own resources.

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