Isles VP calls for creation of opportunities for women

10Mar 2016
David Kisanga
The Guardian
Isles VP calls for creation of opportunities for women

ZANZIBAR’s Second Vice President, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, has stressed that women should be provided with vast opportunities that would have real development impact in the country.

Samia Suluhu Hassan

He outlined that one way of doing so should be increasing their number in colleges and institutions of higher learning.

Ambassador Iddi stressed that the government’s commitment was aimed at providing women with educational loans and introducing different programmes that would enable them to improve their academic achievements.

The Second Vice President made the remarks yesterday during the commemoration of World Women’s Day at the Eastern African Centre for Research on Oral Traditions and African National Languages (Eacrotanal) grounds.

He said according to the 2012 census, it was estimated that nearly 52 per cent of women in Zanzibar were responsible for taking care of their families despite lack of sufficient education.

The Second Vice President urged institutions dealing with women issues to increase efforts in empowering them economically, a situating which would assist them to take care of their families and also spur national growth.

He also called for fast-tracking work on the challenges facing women to empower them so that they can own resources.

He said experience had shown that majority of women did not get the opportunity to own assets due to the patriarchal system that was embedded within the society, which led to scant awareness in recognising their rights.

“Zanzibar will continue to put efforts on developing, drafting strategies and looking for opportunities that will enable empowerment of women economically,” he assured.

The Second Vice President said the establishment of different institutions in the isles was aimed at encouraging and empowering women in various fields including entrepreneurship, leadership, decision making and access to capital.

Speaking on sexual abuse against women and children, the Second Vice President said the government was determined to fight the vice.

He said mutual cooperation between institutions and society in general was needed to end such violence.

There must be a strategic way to increase women’s awareness and capacity building to realise their contribution to our communities, he said.

Reading a speech before the Second Vice President, Hadia Mohammed Ramadhan expressed dismay on how law enforcement executes their duties disrespectfully especially when dealing with women issues.

“We are not satisfied with how law enforcers deal with our problems, the safety of women and children is at stake due to excessive acts of sexual violence which have continued unabated,” she said.