Jafo, staff move into makeshift tin offices

19Apr 2019
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Jafo, staff move into makeshift tin offices

MINISTER of State in the President's Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) Selemani Jafo, his two deputies and permanent secretaries were yesterday jostling for workspace with other public servants -

Government business is evidently in progress in this makeshift building housing some of the offices of the Regional Administration and Local Government wing of the President’s Office in Dodoma city, as captured yesterday. This follows a directive by President John Magufuli earlier this week that all government ministries formally relocate and operate from the new office complexes meant for them in the national capital, regardless of the stage construction has reached. Photo: Correspondent Ibrahim Joseph

 in a makeshift tin shelter to comply with President John Magufuli’s shift order issued late last week.

Top administrators moved into the government satellite city to beat the deadline into what was previously being used as site offices for contractors of the ministry’s two storey office block.

This reporter watched as Jafo shared a cubicle with the permanent secretary while his two deputies shared another one, as was the case with the two deputy permanent secretaries.

The ministry’s staff was struggling to adjust to the philosophy of ‘sharing is caring’ to honour the directive that all the 23  ministries shift to the  satellite city located in Mtumba ward within this week, despite that the buildings are not yet  ready.

Jafo and company will have to tighten their seat belts for the turbulent ride as the building under construction is expected to be completed at the end of next month.

As people seeking various services in the area entered and left offices housing various ministries, there was an increasing and never diminishing crowd at the Regional Administration and Local Governments block.

Immobile crowds looked on from a distance while scores of individuals came close and peeped in to see if the minister and his team were actually in the corrugated iron sheet-walled offices.

The ministry’s permanent secretary in charge of health Dr Dorothy Gwajima said that many had also come to if the staff had indeed come to work under such circumstances.

“Some thought we were simply acting. The fact is we are working and we mean business,” she emphasized.

 As the makeshift structure has no space that can serve as a board room, key meetings will be held in the ministry’s old offices located in the Dodoma central business district, she affirmed.

Dr Magufuli had latelast week unveiled 10 buildings that would house offices for ministerial departments and agencies at the new government seat, also unveiling 41 houses for Chamwino State House staff.

Completion of the buildings at Mtumba area, about 30 kilometres from Dodoma city centre climaxes the shift of the capital from Dar es Salaam.

The satellite city is projected to take ten years to complete and would cost about 10 trn/-, on the basis of official estimates. The city occupies an area of 617 hectares and would also accommodate foreign missions and private firms.

President Magufuli said the shift would be complete once his office moves to Dodoma, which he said was imminent. He said he was still being delayed by some family issues including his mother who is unwell for quite some time now.

Making the centrally-located Dodoma the capital city and leaving Dar es Salaam as commercial hub was the brainchild of founder president Julius Nyerere. The ruling party, Tanu, resolved in 1973 that Dodoma would be the country’s capital.


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