Jafo unhappy with Chalinze District headquarters construction pace

21May 2020
The Guardian
Jafo unhappy with Chalinze District headquarters construction pace

​​​​​​​MINISTER of State in the President’s Office - Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG) Seleman Jafo has directed Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) who are constructing Chalinze District Council office headquarters to ensure its first phase is completed by May 31 this year-

-after which they should stop work.

Jafo issued the directives early this week after inspecting the project’s construction work saying he was not pleased with the construction pace of the contractor.

"Ensure that by May 31 the first phase is completed and after that TBA should not continue with the project, and the District Council should find another contractor to finish the project,” Jafo said.

He said despite the availability of funds, TBA has been dillydallying, the situation that contributes to the delays in the country’s development.

"Its not that I don’t like TBA, not at all, there are areas you have done good work, but in this project your are letting us down, I am not satisfied by your work pace as it is not like the TBA that I use to know,” he added.

TBA Manager for Coast Region Asha Muyanza said the reasons for the delay include the rising cost of building materials and the challenge on the availability of water.

Chalinze District Engineer John Chizima said upon its completion the three-storey complex will cost 5bn/- out of which 1.8bn/- is for the first phase.

Chalinze Member of Parliament Ridhiwani Kikwete congratulated Jafo for the decision as TBA has been delaying the project’s completion.

While at Kibaha rural district Jafo inspected the construction of District Council headquarters that will cost more than 4b/- and the construction of the District Hospital and directed the District Executive Director to fully supervise these development projects to be completed in time according to the funds allocated.

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