John Magufuli is a trustworthy leader, says Premier Majaliwa

24Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
John Magufuli is a trustworthy leader, says Premier Majaliwa

MEMBER of the ruling party (CCM) Central Committee and Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said the party’s presidential candidate John Magufuli is a leader who should be trusted because he has the ability to lead.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa.

“Magufuli possesses leadership qualities; the issue of leading the country is not a joke. Many have emerged but on polling day you must be careful, give your vote to the person whose history you well know. Magufuli had been a cabinet minister for 20 years. He led sensitive ministries and managed them well to attain development,” Majaliwa said.

Majaliwa gave the remarks on Tuesday this week when speaking at different times at election campaign rallies in Lubuga and Ilungu wards in Magu District, Mwanza Region as he was introducing his party’s candidates.

Majaliwa who completed his campaign tour in Mara Region, went to Mwanza Region seeking votes for his party’s presidential candidate.

He used the occasion to introduce CCM parliamentary candidate for Magu constituency, Kiswaga Destery and candidates for the councillorship.

“Tanzania had been denied development because there were a few corrupt people who adversely affected people at the low level of the society. We want a leader who can fight corruption, and Magufuli is the one we want,” he said.

In regard to strengthening the health sector, Majaliwa said treatment policy for pregnant women, children and elders is free.

“We have provided Magu District with 10.8bn/- for that purpose. We have health insurance and we want to improve it to become national. As for now we have the Bill for Health Insurance, and we plan to incorporate workers and ordinary citizens in the scheme,” he added.

Speaking about the development of health services in Magu District, Majaliwa said 1.4bn/- was provided to the district for the construction of three health centres out of which 500m/- was Kahangara Health Centre, 500m/- Lugeye Health Centre while Kabila Health Centre was allocated 400m/-.

On funds provided for drugs, reagents and other medical equipment Majaliwea said 10.1bn/- was provided for the procurement of the items, adding that the district has been receiving 108m/- from the Central government every month.

On road construction, he said 10bn/- was provided through TARURA and TANROADS for the construction, repair of roads, including problematic sections thereof, bridges for Magu District Council roads including the construction, at tarmac level of of the 5.7km road costing 2.7bn/- that has already been completed.

He mentioned other completed roads as including the 0.4km Kisesa-Bujora road at tarmac level costing 360m/-, 16.24 Usagara-Kisesa road also at tarmac level, and refurbishment of the 70km Magu-Ngudu-Hungumalwa road.

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