JPM deplores crowding for Zanzibar presidency

01Jul 2020
The Guardian
JPM deplores crowding for Zanzibar presidency

​​​​​​​PRESIDENT John Magufuli has told party cadres vying for the Zanzibar presidency to use digital technology to promote their policies and stop using it as a platform to mudsling one another.

​​​​​​​PRESIDENT John Magufuli.

Addressing a ruling party gathering after he returned his nomination forms at the party headquarters, Dr Magufuli said that aspirants in Zanzibar should understand that only one will be nominated and only God knows who could take the position.

The president, who is also national CCM chairman told the contestants to rather use the networks to promote peace for the country's development. 

“I am asking you all to be patient. I have started seeing bad signals from the 33 contestants in Zanzibar as some of them have started using social media to mudsling others. But they have to understand that only one will be picked at the end of the journey,” he said.

Dr Magufuli emphasized continued unity among CCM members so as to carry forward the party’s dedication to development efforts.

“I appeal that we all together protect our peace and unity. If we fight among ourselves in these campaigns we may lose direction; let’s be patient with one another, show respect and love such that whoever will be nominated we should all agree,” he declared.

Explaining his picking up of reelection nomination forms, Dr Magufuli said: “I want to ensure that I accomplish all the development plans that I have initiated.”

“We still have a number of unaccomplished projects. I thought it is better I come back so that I realize my dream,” he said, citing the ongoing construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project as well as the Mwalimu Nyerere Hydro Power Project costing 6.5trn/- with the capacity to generate 2115 MW of power. These are mega projects in the country,” he pointed out.

The fifth phase government has recorded a number of achievements in the past five years in various sectors, he said.

“Another thing in the history of this country is that when we came to office in 2015 there were 2,132 villages that had electricity, but now we have 9,114 villages and 3,000 more will be connected to power lines in the near future, This enables people even in remote areas to access power and be able to engage in economic activities for their development and the country at large,” he pointed out.

The government is also planning to buy modern ships to transport cargo from Karema port to Kalemie (in the Democratic Republic of Congo) as an initiative to attract more business and traders from DRC, he added.

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