JPM dismayed by exam results for Isles schools

13Jan 2020
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JPM dismayed by exam results for Isles schools

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has expressed his dissatisfaction over Forms IV and VI national examination results for Zanzibar, saying many Isles schools appear last on the performance list.

Speaking on Saturday during the laying of a cornerstone for the construction of Mwanakwerekwe Secondary School in Zanzibar City, President Magufuli called upon teachers to work hard to ensure better pass marks for students.

“I will say this even though some may not be happy… it’s shameful to see Zanzibar schools hold last positions in national examinations,” he affirmed. 

President Magufuli told the contractors of the school project – CRJ Contractors to complete the work in time, as per the contract agreement signed in March last year and should not come up with unnecessary excuses.

He said he does not accept explanations from the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that the work was delayed due to long recent rains as well as shortage of sand.

He said: “I am not subscribing to that excuse of rains because in Europe there are rains daily but still they build tall buildings all the time.”

He said the money for the construction of the schools was provided by the World Bank as a loan and is required to be repaid from taxpayers’ money from the people of the United Republic of Tanzania.

He said the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution spurred achievements in various sectors including the education sector, as before that education was being given discriminately.

He said the achievements came after the government put priority in the education sector and offered education for free from preparatory schools up to secondary level.

He hailed the Zanzibar Government for implementing the policy of free education as initiated by the first president of Zanzibar, the late Abeid Amani Karume.

The Minister for Education and Vocational training Riziki Pembe Juma praised the World Bank for loan assistance for the construction of schools in the Isles.

The building of the Mwanakwerekwe Secondary School was implementation by the World Bank of the project to raise access to education for students in 22 schools.  

On his part the Permanent secretary in the ministry Idrissa Muslim Hijja said the total value of the entire World Bank project is 80bn/-.

The project’s aim is to develop the education sector to enable students master the English language and science subjects, he said.

The schools to be built will cater for all categories of students including those with special needs for the disabled, he added.