JPM forgives Mtama MP Nape Nnauye

11Sep 2019
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Dar es Salaam
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JPM forgives Mtama MP Nape Nnauye

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has forgiven Mtama MP, Nape Nnauye for ‘what had happened in the past’.

In a statement, the Directorate of Presidential Communication said after the meeting, the legislator thanked the head of state for forgiving him over tension through  a voice cast which went viral on social media allegedly involving Nape and other politicians against President Magufuli.

The statement was also illustrated by video clip which showed Nnauye asking the president for his forgiveness for what transpired recently.

“I have come here to see him (the president) as my father, CCM chairman and as the president because you are all well aware of, what  had happened recently,” said Nnauye.

The Mtama MP said as a CCM child he deemed it necessary to seek the president’s forgiveness and thanked the president for his forgiveness.

For his part, President Magufuli said although sometimes it is very difficult for one to forgive, he had done so after a long time motive by Nnauye  to seek appointment with the president and beg for forgiveness.

According to President Magufuli Nnauye consulted a number of senior citizens such as CCM Vice chairman Philip Mangula and Mama Maria Nyerere to get an audience with him.

“He was even sending text messages even at around 2 am asking for forgiveness, but it is through the spirit (of forgiveness) that I did that (forgive him),”  President Magufuli said.

The President said he was forced to leave another meeting  which was taking place at   State House     to listen to Nnauye.

On September 4, 2019 the president said he had forgiven former ministers January Makamba and William Ngeleja after the two were allegedly implicated in vocal clips scandal that ‘insulted’ the head of state.

Makamba served as the Union Affairs and Environment minister in the fifth phase government before he was sacked in July 2019, whereas Ngeleja served in the Energy and Minerals docket in the fourth phase government.

The two according to the President, asked for forgiveness.

The said telephone conversation recordings allegedly involved Makamba speaking to his father and former CCM General Secretary Yusuph Makamba; Ngeleja and former minister Nape Nnauye, and former CCM secretary-general Abdulrahman Kinana and Nnauye.

The five have neither admitted nor denied that they were indeed the ones heard discussing matters of a political nature in the recordings.