JPM inspects SGR fires Kisarawe DAS

29Jun 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
JPM inspects SGR fires Kisarawe DAS

​​​​​​​PRESIDENT John Magufuli has expressed satisfaction with progress realised in the implementation of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project.

President John Magufuli pictured at Mlandizi in Coast Region yesterday disembarking from a railway coach normally used by Standard Gauge Railway contractors. This was shortly after inspecting progress in the implementation of the 7.2trn/- SGR project. Photo: State House

He has directed the contractor to ensure timely completion of the railway line which will see travellers enjoying the fastest voyages in the country aboard electric trains.

The 7.2trn/- SGR project is executed by a Turkish construction firm—Yapi Merkez.

Addressing delegates after touring the project in Coast Region yesterday, President Magufuli said he would facilitate timely competition of the project which is fully funded by domestic revenues.

“We need this kind of high speed train in our country,” he declared.

He commended the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications for the job well done, urging officials to make sure the project is completed before the scheduled period.

“Tanzanians are in need of the services,” he said, noting enthusiastically that this is the way to a new Tanzania. “We want our country to look similar with European nations,” he asserted, reiterating his intention to speed up development in the entire country.

Construction of the strategic SGR line is being implemented in five phases for the 1,219 kilometers long main track.

The first phase stretches from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro (300km), while the second phase proceeds from Morogoro to Makutupora (422km).

The third phase starts from Makutupora to Tabora (294km), phase four from Tabora to Isaka (130km) and phase five from Isaka to Mwanza (249km).

Upon completion, the SGR line will link Tanzania with neighbouring countries of Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

President Magufuli laid the foundation stone for construction of the historic railway line in April 2017.

The president has meanwhile revoked the appointment of Kisarawe District Administrative Secretary (DAS), Mtela Mwampamba over misconduct and appointed Mwanana Msumi to take over the position.

The president directed responsible authorities to assign Mwampamba to a lower level job outside the district.

“I have received complaints over one of my appointees here, the DAS. I have been informed of his misbehavior, contrary to work ethics. There are allegations that he has been engaging in multiple love relationships which include dating other people’s wives,” he told the audience.

He added: “I had earlier warned him but I think he failed to listen. Since I am in-charge of supervising civil servants’ ethics, I revoke his appointment effectively today.”

The Head of State urged the newly appointed DAS to adhere to public servants’ ethics and avoid engaging into unnecessary conflicts. The new appointee—Msumi is a holder of a Masters degree in Public Administration.

In the event, the president hailed the Minister of State, President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments) Selemani Jafo for his performance and record.

“Jafo has been a great help to me. He has been working tirelessly day and night to supervise various development projects. I will be surprised if the people of Kisarawe do not recognize his efforts,” he said.

He also commended the Kisarawe District Commissioner Jokate Mwegelo for her efforts towards improving the education sector including the ‘Tokomeza Zero’ project.

He also applauded district and regional commissioners across the country for steering various development agendas.

“The Kisarawe DC has done a lot in eliminating zeros here,” the president intoned.

At Soga village, the president conducted fundraising to support construction and renovation of Soga primary school.

A total of 68.54m/- was collected with the president donating 5m/-.

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