JPM places two ministries on notice

30Sep 2018
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JPM places two ministries on notice

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has directed newly appointed Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Deputy Minister Dr. Damas Ndumbaro to restructure the ministry which he said “is weak and does not perform well.”

He was speaking yesterday in Dar es Salaam at the swearing in of the new Foreign Affairs deputy minister.

“I am not happy with the performance of the ministry. We have directors who do not perform. At one time Tanzanian Ambassador Mbelwa Kairuki, who represents Tanzania in China, wrote to the ministry twenty-four letters and only two got a reply,” the president said, directing the deputy minister to clear the ministry of dead wood.

Magufuli said workers at the ministry should not think that because they started work at the ministry they will end their career at the same ministry even if they do not perform.

“The Foreign Affairs ministry is our gate to foreign relations with other countries. The ministry should indeed be foreign, and if you are not careful you will be driven by those who represent their countries in Tanzania,” the president said.

He disclosed that on a number of occasions he had spoken out on underperformance at the ministry, adding that he was not at all pleased with its poor performance.

He challenged the new deputy minister to form a strong team that will implement the party’s manifesto on development.

The president said those appointed should be bold enough to make changes for the better without fear to disappoint or anger anyone, not even the appointing authority.

Regarding the ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources where a new permanent secretary, Pro Adolf Mkenda, has been deployed, President Magufuli said despite its 17 per cent contribution to the economy, the tourism sector and the ministry were still not performing well.

“Money is being spent wastefully. I have spared you so that you can use your economic profession to turn things around at the ministry of tourism,” he said.

The president also challenges Prof Mkenda to use his economics training to bring changes at the ministry so the country can earn more from its resources.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Ambassador to Tanzania Yasser Ahmed Al Eldin Elshawaf paid farewell to President Magufuli yesterday following the end of his three-year tour of duty.

Dr. Magufuli said the relationship between Tanzania and Egypt continued to be strong and thanked the country for good cooperation provided to Tanzania.

Elshawaf also thanked President Magufuli for good leadership and promised to pass the president’s greetings to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt.